You could earn $30 per day sharing ride between your home and office.
About JiffyRides
                  Founded in 2016 and based in Chicago, JiffyRides was brought about with one simple but grand vision: to change the way we think about transportation. Each day, many of us share the unforgiving experience of commuting to work and back home. Stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for minutes – which can turn to hours – on end, we question why we have to go through such a discomforting experience twice a day, every day of the week.

             Well, JiffyRides has a simple solution for the daily commute: carpooling. Rather than wasting gas, space, and time commuting to work alone, why not carpool with others, who live in the same area and who are headed to the same destination as you? With JiffyRides, you don’t have to ride with strangers. You have the ability to ride with neighbors who live and work in the same area as you.

                    As a rider, you have time to check emails or catch a few Z’s while you are saving money on your commute. As a driver, you can find other commuters to take advantage of the carpool lane and keep you company as well as earn some extra cash.

             Why waste money on road and highway expansions? Why waste money commuting to work alone when there are neighbors nearby who work in the same area as you? We have the power to change not just how we commute, but how we utilize transportation. JiffyRides is here to revolutionize that.
Our Vision
                      Our vision is to make carpooling the global primary mode of transportation, with JiffyRides as the standard-bearer for productive commuting. We believe in reducing traffic congestion to enable more productivity. Imagine the world where you don’t have to account for rush hour traffic. Where CO2 emissions are greatly reduced because there are fewer cars on the road every day. That’s the world we want to create.
Meet The Team
  1. KK
    Founder & CEO
  2. Ridvan A
  3. Jeff M
  1. Naveed K
    Marketing Director
  2. Marc K
  3. Gautam K
    Survey and Research Specialist
  1. Julio R
    Creative Director
  2. Grant R
    Sales Director
  3. Ahmed P
    Business Development
  1. Kevin O
    Creative Director
  2. Amna S
    Content Director
  3. Charlie R
    Marketing Expert
Kishore Kotapati (KK)

Kishore Kotapati, better known by his initials KK, moved to the United States from India in 2008 to start a new job. Experiencing the American Dream was something that he had always dreamed of. He relished the American life, but there was one aspect of American culture KK did not enjoy: the commute to work.

Living in downtown Chicago, but working 30 miles away in the suburbs, KK would have to undergo the grueling, arduous process of the daily commute. Stuck in traffic for hours each morning and afternoon, moving forward slowly, KK questioned why traffic congestion was this bad and if this was the only way to get to work.

A firm believer in big ideas, KK sought to change not just his daily commute to work, but everyone else’s. He also set out to change how we think about transportation. With this idea came the vision and fruition of JiffyRides, an app that is more than just an app, but a way to revolutionize how we commute to work every day.
  1. Bob Gillespie
    Executive Director at Elmspring Chicago
  2. Donna Rockin
    Executive Director, Knapp Entrepreneurship Center at Illinois Institute of Technology
  3. Hal Tezcan
    Founding Partner at Startup Port